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January 2024

Glendora to Pomona Project Enters Final Year of Construction; Four New Stations, Station Art and Parking Underway; Light Rail Power and Train Control Systems; Ongoing Crossing Work and Safety Improvements; Project Update Video; Pomona to Montclair Update

As January 2024 quickly comes to a close, the Glendora to Pomona project segment is now less than 12 months from substantial completion, when the Construction Authority will turn the project over to LA Metro for training and pre-revenue operations. At the same time, the final project segment from Pomona to Montclair is now being readied for an upcoming procurement to hire the design-build team. This follows last month’s submittal by Metro of a full funding request to the State as part of the county’s SB125 funding application.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, the vast majority of construction on the Glendora to Pomona project segment will be completed and key operating and communications elements of the project tested. Currently, crews are constructing the remaining elements that make up the new light rail system, including the four new stations and associated parking facilities, light rail power and train control systems, and safety improvements at each of the completed grade crossings. Meanwhile, each station’s dedicated artist/artist team continue to fabricate their station art pieces that will be fully installed in the months ahead.

Read on to learn more about current construction activities underway from Glendora to Pomona and the latest on our efforts to ready the Pomona to Montclair segment for construction.

Four New Stations Underway

Below are status updates on the various elements that make up the new light rail stations, including the platform canopies, decorative elements, power systems, parking facilities, and station art. All four stations will be center platform stations, with a track on each side – one for westbound trains, and one for eastbound trains – and each station’s parking facility will feature amenities for riders arriving by bike, walking, bus and drop-off. As 2024 begins, the stations are now 65% complete overall:

Glendora Station


Photos: Crews constructing the plaza area for the future Glendora station

With work now completed on the decorative roof elements atop the canopy structures at the future Glendora station, crews continue to work on other station elements at or around the platform. As seen in the photos above, crews are now constructing the plaza area just north of the station platform. Once the plaza area is ready, crews will install the four remaining art column structures that were designed by Glendora station artist Michael Hillman (the first four art column structures were already installed on the platform last year and await the decorative tiles to be installed at a later date).


Photo: Crews installing platform lights at the future Glendora station

As seen in the photo above, crews recently completed installation of the platform lights, as work continues to complete all elements on the platform itself.


Photo: Crews constructing the walkway to the pedestrian undercrossing for the future Glendora station

Just south of the future station, construction is underway on the future parking facility, as well as the new walkway that will connect the parking and walking path from Vermont and Glendora Avenues to the pedestrian undercrossing. The undercrossing was built to safely allow future passengers access to the station platform from the east and south by walking under the freight track and eastbound light rail track. The pedestrian undercrossing features walls with citrus-inspired patterns (see photo above) designed by Alignment artist Christie Beniston.


Photo: Crews constructing the future Glendora station parking facility

As seen in the photo above, crews have begun construction of the future station parking facility. Currently, crews are grading the site and carrying out underground utility work. It is the second parking facility to begin construction, after the La Verne station.

San Dimas Station


Photos: (top and middle) Crews installing diamond-shaped shingles atop San Dimas station boarding canopy; (bottom) Completed installation of glass panels atop ticket vending machine canopy

At the future San Dimas station, crews are nearing completion on the installation of the decorative roof elements atop the canopy structures. As seen in the photos above, crews are currently installing diamond-shaped shingles on the boarding canopy, while having already installed the glass panels atop the ticket vending machine (TVM) canopy.


Photo: San Dimas station artists Anne Olsen Daub and Eugene Daub creating “walking stick” art sculptures

Construction Authority staff recently visited the studio of Eugene Daub and Anne Olsen Daub, the city-selected artist team for the San Dimas station, to take a look at the progress of their latest station art pieces. As seen in the photo above, Eugene and Anne have begun creating a set of four eight-foot-tall, bronze “walking stick” sculptures that will be installed at the future station platform. The walking sticks are inspired by the natural environment in San Dimas, and seek to evoke a sense of discovery and exploration among future riders.

La Verne Station


Photos: (top) Crews installing overhead wires through the future La Verne station; (middle) Canopy columns delivered to station platform; (bottom) Crews fabricating canopy frames for La Verne station

With most of the platform completed at the future La Verne station, crews are now preparing for the installation of the canopy structures. As seen in the middle photo above, crews have delivered the canopy columns to the station ahead of installation. At an off-site location, fabrication is nearing completion on the canopy frames (see bottom photo above), which will soon be delivered to the station area. Once the canopy pieces have been delivered, a dedicated team of installers will set up a crane and install them.

As seen in the top photo above, crews have begun installing the overhead catenary system wires through the station area, which will provide power to the future light rail trains traveling to and from the platform.


Photo: Future La Verne station parking facility construction underway

Just south of the future La Verne station platform, construction continues on the station parking facility. As seen in the photo above, crews are currently carrying out underground utility work throughout the site.


Photos: Fabrication of La Verne station art sculptures underway

In addition, fabrication work has begun on the La Verne station art pieces. As seen in the photos above, La Verne station artist Blue McRight is creating eight-foot-tall sculptures that will pay homage to La Verne’s history and architecture, as well as the community’s connection to water and agriculture. Three of these sculptures will be installed throughout the future La Verne station plaza area.

Pomona Station


Photos: (top) Future Pomona station construction underway; (bottom) Crews installing overhead wires through the Pomona station area

As seen in the photos above, crews are now installing the overhead catenary system wires through the future Pomona station area, which will provide power to the future light rail trains traveling to and from the platform.


Photo: Crews reconstructing the center section of the Metrolink parking lot between the future Pomona light rail station and Pomona North Metrolink station

Just south of the future Pomona station, crews continue to rebuild the existing parking area for the Pomona North Metrolink station. Late last year, crews completed the necessary work at the easternmost section of the parking lot to allow it to reopen for use, and then moved on to rebuilding the center section. The center section remains fully closed during construction through Feb. 14., temporarily eliminating vehicle thru traffic and creating two temporary parking areas (one on the east side of the closed section and one on the west side). Following the reopening of the center section in mid-February, crews will close the westernmost section to complete the full reconstruction of the Metrolink parking lot. For information on the ongoing closure and work, click here.

To learn more about the plans for the future stations, including the station artwork, see these fact sheets: Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, and Pomona.

Light Rail Power and Train Control Systems

With the light rail tracks installed, crews continue to construct the two other major elements that will make the new light rail system run: the power and train control systems. Currently, crews are installing miles of overhead and underground wires and cables for the light rail power and train control systems, as well as new track signals for the future light rail trains. Each system is being constructed by separate, specialized crews that coordinate extensively with one another.


Photo: Crews installing overhead wires across the OCS poles in La Verne

With nearly all of the overhead catenary system (OCS) poles fully installed, crews continue to install the overhead wires across the poles, as seen in the photo above. The overhead wires will provide power to the light rail trains when the train’s pantograph comes into contact with the wire (light rail trains run on electricity).


Photos: Crews installing underground cables at the Gladstone St. crossing in San Dimas

Crews also continue to install miles of underground cables for the power, train control and communications systems (see photos above).


Photos: (top) Crews installing wayside signal in Pomona; (bottom) New wayside signal in La Verne

Some of these underground cables are for the wayside signal lights that are currently being installed throughout the corridor as part of the train control system (see photos above). These wayside signals are located at the interlocking switches, and will let future light rail train operators know when it is safe to proceed through the corridor.

Ongoing Crossing Work and Safety Improvements

Throughout the project, crews are returning to various grade crossings to complete remaining work on the roadways, sidewalks and safety improvements.


Photo: Crews utilizing lane closure to construct median barrier below the new Route 66 light rail bridge in Glendora

This year, crews will continue to implement intermittent lane closures in Glendora on Route 66 between Hunters Trail and Compromise Line Rd. (click here for notice) and at the Lone Hill Ave. crossing (click here for notice); in San Dimas at the San Dimas Ave. crossing (click here for notice); and in Pomona at the Garey Ave. crossing (click here for notice – available in Spanish).


Photos: Crews testing new pedestrian and vehicle crossing gates at the D St. crossing in La Verne

In addition, crews are continuing crossing safety upgrades at each of the 21 grade crossings. As seen in the photos above, crews have been installing the new quad gate crossing equipment that will fully close off the intersection when a train is approaching to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering the crossing. If you haven’t already, the Construction Authority released a video earlier in the project about the quad gates and how the system is built for safety. Watch it by clicking here.

Relocated Metrolink Maintenance of Way Building


Photo: Crews constructing relocated MOW building in Pomona

East of the Garey Ave. crossing in Pomona, crews are constructing a new Maintenance of Way (MOW) building for the Metrolink system, which houses the equipment needed to maintain the Metrolink tracks. The original MOW building was located west of the crossing and needed to be relocated to make room for the project.

For an overview of the entire project alignment status from Glendora to Pomona, click here or below to watch a video highlighting the project’s progress.


Pomona to Montclair Project: Funding and Procurement Updates

The Construction Authority is currently seeking the final funding needed to complete the 3.2-mile project segment from Pomona to Montclair that includes the final two stations of the 25-station Foothill Gold Line program. In late-December 2023, Metro submitted a full funding request for the funding needed to complete the Los Angeles County portion of the project to CalSTA. CalSTA is the agency overseeing the $4 billion funding program (SB125) for transit capital projects statewide that was approved by the state legislature and governor last summer. $1 billion of the program is expected to be allocated for Los Angeles County over the next few years.

With an official announcement by CalSTA expected before the end of April, the Construction Authority is getting ready to begin the approximately 15-month procurement process to hire the design-build team to build the Pomona to Montclair project segment.

Once funding is secured and a design-build team hired, the shovel-ready Pomona to Montclair segment will take approximately five years to complete.

To stay updated on the upcoming Pomona to Montclair design-build and other procurements, click here to sign up for Contracting Opportunities Updates.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Foothill Gold Line. We appreciate your patience as we build this important regional project.

Lisa Levy Buch, Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer and the Public Affairs Team

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