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June 2021

UPDATES: Grade Crossings; Safe At-Grade Crossings Video; Street Improvements in San Dimas; Freight Track Relocation in Glendora; Glendora Station; Bridge Work in La Verne; 3D Bridge Simulations

Six Grade Crossings Currently Under Construction


Photos: (Top) Vermont Ave. crossing in Glendora; (Bottom) Crews potholing at Pasadena Ave. crossing in Glendora

There are six grade crossings undergoing reconstruction across the corridor. Five have already been underway: Vermont Ave., Pasadena Ave. and Loraine Ave. in Glendora; Eucla Ave. in San Dimas; and E St. in La Verne. This morning, crews began reconstructing the grade crossing on Walnut Ave. in San Dimas, requiring a full closure of the street to motorists and pedestrians for five months (click here to see the construction notice).

At all of these crossings, crews will be relocating and protecting underground water, sewer, gas, communications and power lines; as well as installing new tracks and safety equipment, and rebuilding the roadway, curbs and gutters.


Photo: Loraine Ave. crossing in Glendora

At the Eucla Ave. crossing in San Dimas, crews have made significant progress and are ahead of schedule. They are nearing completion on the underground utility work, and have completed installation of the new light rail tracks and relocated freight track. A Construction Alert will be sent out soon when the street reopens.


Photo: Eucla Ave. crossing in San Dimas

As always, the Construction Authority appreciates the patience and understanding of our project neighbors. We know you are impacted by the closing of these streets for the crossing reconstruction, and our team works hard to reopen the streets as soon as possible.


Photo: Crews protecting new sewer line at E St. crossing in La Verne

New/Upcoming Closures in San Dimas and La Verne

Crews this morning began reconstructing the grade crossing at Walnut Ave. in San Dimas, and will also begin reconstructing D St. in La Verne in the next few weeks. Each street will be fully closed at the railroad crossing to motorists and pedestrians for several months.

If you know anyone who may be impacted by these street closures, they are encouraged to sign up for Construction Alerts at

Video: Designing Safe At-Grade Crossings

Last month, the Construction Authority released a video that provides an overview of the safety features being installed at all of the light rail at-grade (street-level) crossings. To watch the video, click here or below.


Street Improvements Underway in San Dimas


Photos: (Top) Crews pouring concrete for new curb, gutters and sidewalk at Bonita Ave./San Dimas Ave.; (Bottom) Crews pouring concrete for new street light foundations at Bonita Ave./San Dimas Ave.

Along San Dimas Ave., at the intersections of Bonita Ave. and Commercial St., crews have been constructing street improvements that will help alleviate traffic and improve safety for motorists and pedestrians near the future San Dimas station. Recently, crews poured concrete for new curbs, gutters, sidewalks and driveways at the intersection of Bonita Ave./San Dimas Ave. As part of these overall improvements, new right turn lanes will be added on southbound San Dimas Ave. (to westbound Bonita Ave.) and northbound San Dimas Ave. (to eastbound Bonita Ave.).

And just to the west, at the intersection of Bonita Ave./Cataract Ave. (photos below), crews are nearing completion on the first of a four-phased construction plan to reconfigure the intersection. At this intersection, a new light rail bridge will be built to allow the light rail trains to travel over the intersection, but the California Public Utilities Commission is also requiring significant reconfiguration of the intersection itself to improve visibility and movement of traffic. The first phase of work involves building new eastbound lanes for Bonita Ave. on a parcel of land just west of the intersection. Phase 2 will involve moving traffic onto that new section and rearranging the flow of traffic through the intersection to allow crews to begin work on the bridge abutments without having to close lanes or streets.


Photos: Aerial views of the ongoing intersection reconfiguration at Bonita Ave./Cataract Ave., facing east (top) and west (bottom)

To learn about the phased construction plan for the Bonita Ave./Cataract Ave. intersection, click here to read the construction notice. You can also read a fact sheet that provides an overview of the intersection improvements and future light rail bridge (click here).

Freight Track Relocation Nears Completion in Glendora; Freight Service to Resume as Early as July 1


Photo: Crews installing support for fence barriers between the relocated freight track and future light rail tracks

KPJV has completed the majority of work necessary to relocate the freight track through the city of Glendora (the freight track outage was extended through June, giving crews more time to work without interruption for daily freight deliveries).

The Glendora relocated segment accounts for the longest of three segments of the project that will undergo freight track relocation and shifting. As seen in the photo above, once the freight track is relocated, crews begin installation of fencing barriers between the relocated freight track and future light rail tracks.

As seen in the photo below, crews have now begun removing the old freight track in San Dimas as part of the next segment of freight track relocation. In all, three track shifts are anticipated to take place in 2021, allowing crews to fully focus on installation of the light rail system starting next year.


Photo: Crews removing old freight track in San Dimas

Glendora Station Construction


Photo: Ramp to the future Glendora station platform

At the pedestrian undercrossing for the future Glendora station, crews are nearing completion on the northern wall of the ramp that will provide riders access to the station platform. As riders walk along the pedestrian walkway, through the undercrossing and up this ramp, they will see various citrus designs on the walls.


Photo: Crews constructing the northern wall of the ramp that will lead riders to the Glendora station platform

Bridge Work Continues in La Verne


Photo: Crews pouring concrete for new bridge abutments over Live Oak Wash in La Verne

As seen in the photo above, crews have begun building the abutments (the supports for both ends of a bridge) for new bridge structures over Live Oak Wash in La Verne. Two bridge structures will be built over Live Oak Wash: one for the light rail system and one for the relocated freight system.

3D Bridge Simulations

The California Public Utilities Commission is requiring light rail bridges over several streets along the project. These are required for safety and traffic flow.

To help the community understand what these structures are going to look like, the Construction Authority recently commissioned 3D simulations of the bridges over Foothill Blvd./Grand Ave. (Glendora), Lone Hill Ave. (Glendora) and Bonita Ave./Cataract Ave. (San Dimas). Each simulation provides detail on how the specially-designed concrete panels with citrus patterns will be utilized, as well as other design details being integrated into each bridge. See the simulations below (click on each to enlarge):


Thank you for your continued interest in the Foothill Gold Line. Our entire team hopes you continue to stay safe and healthy.

Lisa Levy Buch, Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer and the Public Affairs Team

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