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October 2020

Construction Updates: Four Active Grade Crossing Reconstructions Across Three Cities (Glendora, San Dimas and La Verne); Column Design Patterns for Route 66 and Lone Hill Ave. Bridges; Project Update Video


Photo: Crews reconstructing the railroad crossing on Wheeler Ave. in La Verne

Last week, Kiewit-Parsons (KPJV) crews began reconstructing the railroad crossing on Wheeler Ave., north of Arrow Highway, in La Verne. The work requires a two-and-a-half month full closure of the street at the crossing – and marks the fourth active crossing reconstruction currently underway. The other crossing reconstructions taking place now are at Barranca Ave. and Glendora Ave. in Glendora, and Gladstone St. in San Dimas.

Since starting the Wheeler Ave. crossing last Tuesday, crews have completed most of the demolition work and began relocating water lines, while maintaining access to the freight track for continued service. They will soon move on to relocating and protecting other underground utilities (see photo above).


Photo: Crews constructing the relocated freight track system at Gladstone St. in San Dimas

At the Gladstone St. crossing reconstruction in San Dimas, different crews have been working alongside each other to complete various aspects of the crossing. Currently, they are constructing the relocated freight track system (see photo above); completing the underground conduit that will house communication lines; building foundations for new crossing gates and traffic signals; and relocating and protecting underground utilities, among other tasks.

At the Barranca Ave. and Glendora Ave. crossing reconstructions in Glendora, crews are making progress relocating and protecting underground utilities (see photos below). At Glendora Ave., KPJV crews have been working alongside SoCalGas and Frontier Communications contractors who are relocating and protecting their underground gas and fiber lines.

A tremendous amount of work, time and effort is required to rebuild each grade crossing. We appreciate the patience and understanding of project neighbors and the larger community who have been impacted by the construction.


Photo above: Crews installing underground conduit to house communication lines at Glendora Ave. in Glendora


Photo above: Crews relocating and protecting underground utilities at Barranca Ave. in Glendora

Progress on Column Design Patterns for Gold Line Bridges at Route 66 and Lone Hill Ave.

Recently, Construction Authority and KPJV staff inspected the initial sample form panels that were developed to create a unique design pattern on the columns of the future Gold Line bridges over Route 66 and Lone Hill Ave. in Glendora (see photos below). The next step will be to take these sample form panels and create a concrete mock-up. To see where these designs will appear on the bridges, click to view the information boards for the Route 66 and Lone Hill Ave. Gold Line bridges (pointed out by yellow highlighted text on boards).


Photo above: Sample form panels for unique design patterns that will go on columns of Route 66 and Lone Hill Ave. bridges


Photo: Foothill Gold Line CEO Habib F. Balian providing feedback on initial sample form panels

To see more of these activities, along with other progress along the project corridor over the past month: Click here or below to watch this past month’s project update highlight video.


Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for Proposed Modifications to Foothill Gold Line from Glendora to Montclair: Public Comment Period Ends November 9


On September 25, the Construction Authority released a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for proposed modifications to the 12.3-mile, six-station Foothill Gold Line light rail project from Glendora to Montclair. The Draft SEIR is available for public review and comment through November 9, 2020.

To learn more about the proposed project modifications and how to review, obtain a copy of or comment on the Draft SEIR, click here to visit the Foothill Gold Line environmental reviews page.

Station Art Updates: Canopy Column Base Tiles for Glendora and San Dimas Stations; Submission Deadline (Oct. 31): Submit a Pomona “Hero” to be Featured at the Pomona Station


Over the past few weeks, the station artists for the future Glendora and San Dimas stations showed off their early progress on the art tiles that will be installed on the canopy column bases of their respective station platforms. These artists have spent more than a decade working with local community groups, historians, city staff and elected officials to incorporate the history, culture and environment of Glendora and San Dimas into their station art plans.

As seen in the photos above, the San Dimas station artist team, Eugene and Anne Olsen Daub, recently showed off a completed tile sample, as well as the inspiration drawings for other tiles to be created.

In the photos below, Glendora station artist Michael Hillman, who is also a Glendora resident and art professor at Citrus College, is shown holding a few completed art tiles that will appear on the canopy column bases at the Glendora station platform. Michael created the tiles by developing a pattern that can change orientation to create a completely new image. This process, called tessellation, is often used in fabric design.


POMONA RESIDENTS: Submit a Pomona “Hero” to be Featured at the Pomona Gold Line Station by October 31


Above and Below: Examples of the type of artwork to be included at future Pomona Gold Line Station.

The Construction Authority has issued a public call for nominations for Pomona residents, past and present, to be featured in the artwork at the future Pomona Gold Line Station. The campaign is part of the public artwork plan developed by the city-selected station artist, Stephen Farley, who seeks to highlight Pomona residents who served as inspirations in the community.

From Stephen Farley:

Who inspired you? For whom are you grateful? Who changed your life? They could be known to many, or just to you. Other cities have a hall of fame. The future Pomona Gold Line station will have a hall of gratitude. The Pomonans to be honored will be selected from those submitted through this public call to all Pomona residents.

Words expressing the power of these people will be exhibited alongside their photos. An example could be: “Norma showed me the power of love”. The artwork will be fabricated on glazed ceramic tile, using the Tilography process. Pairs of people and statements will be included on railings and other locations around the future station.

This project is designed to connect us to our past and our future, generating a renewable source of people power for positive change. The transformative power of community pride can unleash miracles.

Stephen Farley is gathering images and stories from Pomona residents through October 31, 2020. To submit a local hero for consideration, visit


How to Stay Updated or Get Questions Answered

While the Construction Authority and KPJV project offices are closed to the public temporarily, stakeholders have access to staff during business hours (see contact information below) and project information 24/7 at

For Construction-Related Questions:
(626) 513-5788 /

For General Project Questions:
(626) 305-7012 /

Thank you for your continued interest in the Foothill Gold Line. We hope you are staying safe and well during this time.

Lisa Levy Buch, Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer and the Public Affairs Team

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