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January 2021

Construction Updates: Progress on Grade Crossing Reconstructions; Permanent Closure of Glenwood Ave. Crossing; Glendora Station Pedestrian Undercrossing; Other Corridor Activities; Project Update Video

Progress on Grade Crossing Reconstructions


Photo: Crews building the light rail tracks and relocated freight track at the Barranca Ave. grade crossing

Three active grade crossing reconstructions are currently underway: Barranca Ave. and Glendora Ave. in Glendora, and Wheeler Ave. in La Verne. KPJV crews have relocated and protected most of the underground utilities at these crossings, with the Barranca Ave. and Wheeler Ave. utility work nearly complete.

At Barranca Ave., crews have begun building the light rail tracks and relocated freight track (see photo above), as well as constructing the new roadway, medians, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. The crossing is anticipated to be completed and reopened to traffic by January 25.

At Glendora Ave., crews are currently relocating and protecting underground water lines and building new storm drains (see photo below).


Photo: Crews relocating and protecting underground water lines at Glendora Ave.

Over the past few weeks at Wheeler Ave., crews built a new sewer line, installed underground conduit to house and protect the communications lines for the rail systems, and built a temporary freight track to allow existing freight service to make deliveries. They have now moved on to building the light rail tracks and relocated freight track (see photo below), as well as the new roadway, medians, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. The crossing is anticipated to be completed and reopened to traffic by January 29.


Photo: Crews building relocated freight track at Wheeler Ave.

A tremendous amount of work, time and effort is required to rebuild each grade crossing. We appreciate the patience and understanding of project neighbors and the larger community who have been impacted by the construction.

Upcoming Grade Crossing Closures

In the coming weeks, crews will begin work reconstructing the following grade crossings:

  • Elwood Ave. and Vermont Ave. in Glendora
  • A St. in La Verne
  • Fulton Rd. in La Verne/Pomona

These reconstructions will require long-term full closures of the crossings to vehicles and pedestrians, while crews relocate underground utilities, relocate the existing freight track, install two light rail tracks, install a new safety and communication system, rebuild the street and much more.

More information on these closures, including anticipated start and end dates, detour routes, and more, will be made available in the coming weeks.

If you know of anyone who may be impacted by these upcoming closures, they are encouraged to sign up for Construction Alerts at

Permanent Closure of Glenwood Ave. Crossing

Following the reopening of the Barranca Ave. grade crossing, crews will permanently close the Glenwood Ave. crossing in Glendora (currently scheduled to close on January 26). Two cul-de-sacs will be built at the north and south property lines of the rail corridor. The permanent closure is required by the California Public Utilities Commission to improve safety along the corridor. For more information on the permanent closure (including detours), click here to view the construction notice.

Glendora Station Pedestrian Undercrossing


Photo: Crews constructing the pedestrian undercrossing ramp that will lead to the future Glendora station platform

At the site of the future Glendora station, crews continue to make progress building the pedestrian undercrossing that will provide riders access to the station platform from surrounding streets and the future station parking facility. Crews have completed the excavation work and are now constructing the undercrossing foundation and ramp (see photo above).

Design Pattern Molds for Retaining Walls and Pedestrian Undercrossings


Photos: Completed design pattern molds

As seen in the photos above, fabricators recently completed the molds that will be used to create unique concrete patterns on the project’s retaining walls and the pedestrian undercrossings at the future Glendora and San Dimas stations.

Corridor Activities


Photo: Crews removing existing freight track at the San Dimas Wash Channel Bridge

Throughout the corridor in Glendora, most of the existing freight track has been removed, which will be replaced and relocated to make room for the light rail system. Some of the rail pieces will be reused on the project as guard rails.

As seen in the photo above, the existing freight track has been removed from the San Dimas Wash Channel Bridge. That bridge will soon be demolished and replaced by new bridges for light rail and freight trains. Overall, there will be a total of 19 bridges built or renovated as part of the Glendora to Pomona project segment.

Finally, near the future San Dimas station, crews have begun building street improvements at the intersection of San Dimas Ave./Commercial St. Once work at this intersection is done, they will move on to the intersection of San Dimas Ave./Bonita Ave. Improvements include new curb, gutter, ADA ramps, sidewalks, driveways, traffic signals and right turn lanes. For more information on these work activities, click here to view the construction notice.


Photo: Crews install underground conduit for new traffic signals on San Dimas Ave.

To see more of these and other activities that took place this past month, click here or below to watch the January 2021 project highlight video.


Pomona Mayor and Foothill Gold Line Board Chair Tim Sandoval Elected to Metro Board


Photo: Pomona Mayor and Foothill Gold Line Board Chair Tim Sandoval speaking at the Contract Signing Press Conference in 2019

Pomona Mayor and Foothill Gold Line Board Chair Tim Sandoval was recently elected to represent the San Gabriel Valley on the Metro board – replacing the now-retired and former Duarte Councilmember, Foothill Gold Line Board Member and Metro Board Member John Fasana.

Below is an excerpt from the Streetsblog LA article on January 6:

Mayor Tim Sandoval of Pomona was elected today to represent the San Gabriel Valley for the Metro board of directors. Running unopposed and receiving unanimous support with 131 weighted votes for approval, Sandoval will serve out a term that ends on January 1, 2024.

Sandoval was elected Pomona’s Mayor in 2016 and won reelection in the most recent November 4, 2020 election. Sandoval, who’s been a resident of Pomona for more than 35 years, currently serves as the chair of both the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments Capital Projects and Construction Committee…

To read the full Streetsblog LA article, click here.

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for Parking Modifications Certified and Approved

In June 2020, the Construction Authority initiated the preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) in response to potential Project Modifications to the station-area parking facilities at Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona and Claremont. The Draft SEIR was published in September 2020, and the Final SEIR was published on January 6, 2021. The Construction Authority board of directors certified the Final SEIR and approved the project modifications at their January 13, 2021 meeting.

To view the Final SEIR and learn about the approved modifications, click here or below.


Thank you for your continued interest in the Foothill Gold Line. Our entire team hopes you continue to stay safe and healthy.

Lisa Levy Buch, Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer and the Public Affairs Team

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