Phase 1: Union Station to Pasadena

The Gold Line Phase 1 was the first segment of the light rail line to complete construction and consists of 13 stations, each with unique design and public art elements. The 13.7-mile segment was completed on-time and under-budget by the Construction Authority in 2003 and connects the cities of Los Angeles, South Pasadena and Pasadena.*

Once construction of Phase 1 was complete, the Construction Authority transferred the segment to Metro to operate. Operations began on July 26, 2003. Today, tens of thousands of people use this segment daily to travel to work, school, museums, local institutions, entertainment, shopping and more.

To learn more about riding the Metro A Line (i.e., current train schedules, fares, parking availability and charges, or for special needs assistance), contact Metro directly at 1(323) Go-Metro (1.323.466.3876) or at

* Metro completed construction and opened the first phase of the Eastside Extension of the Gold Line in November 2009. This new extension connects Phase 1 to eight stations between Union Station and East Los Angeles.

The Metro A Line light rail system – formerly referred to as the Metro Gold Line – is operated by Los Angeles County Metro. The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority oversees the planning, design and construction of the line. Once completed, the project is turned over to Metro to begin passenger service. To view the latest train schedule on Metro’s website, click here.

Questions about A Line service (including train schedules, fares, parking, discounts, etc) should be directed to Metro Customer Service, who can be reached at 1-323-466-3876 (1-323-Go Metro) or