As a sole purpose entity, the Construction Authority is a lean agency with less than a dozen permanent staff members. To augment the permanent staff for planning and program management activities, the agency contracts with a program management consultant. Hill International is the current program manager.

Below is a list of staff and consultants. For a list of staff job classifications and compensation, click hereTo contact staff whose contact information is not listed below, please email or call (626) 471-9050.

Executive Team

Habib F. Balian
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Burner
Chief Project and Planning Officer
Crandal Jue
Chief Financial Officer
Mitchell S. Purcell, Esq.
Chief Contracting Officer & In-House Counsel
Lisa Levy Buch
Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer
John Skoury
Hill International Program Manager


Engineering and Systems

Denis Cournoyer
Director of Engineering
John Sarah
Deputy Director of Engineering
Phil Dinets
Director of Systems
Tanya Patsaouras
Station & Architecture Design Manager

Construction and Project Management

Reky Hiramoto
Deputy Chief Project Officer
Bill Reagan
Director of Construction
Joohyun Ahn
Project Controls Manager
Natasha Peterson
Project Operations Manager
Margaux Vogel
Submittals Manager
Dain Pankratz
Safety Manager
Dan Goods
Contract Manager
Lesley Elwood
Art Manager

Public Affairs Department

Lisa Levy Buch
Chief Communications and Strategic Development Officer
(626) 305-7004
Yesenia Arias
Director of Community Relations
(626) 305-7012
Albert Ho
Media Relations Manager
(626) 305-7038


Natasha Peterson
Clerk of the Board
(626) 305-7002