Project Funding

The 12.3-mile, six-station Glendora to Montclair project is being built in phases due to funding constraints.

Glendora to Pomona Funding: Funding for the westernmost 9.1-mile Glendora to Pomona project segment is coming mostly from LA County, with State of California greenhouse gas reduction and tire-derived aggregate grant funding.  The majority of Los Angeles County funding is from the Measure M half-cent sales tax (approved by LA County voters in November 2016), along with nearly $100 million of residual funds from the Measure R half-cent sales tax not used to complete the now-operational Pasadena to Azusa segment. Additionally, the project was awarded a nearly $300 million grant through the CalSTA’s Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) in 2018. The majority of the TIRCP grant funds have been used to complete the Glendora to Pomona segment, with approximately $40 million set aside for the final project segment (see below). In 2021, the project was also awarded a $650,000 grant from CalRecycle to use tire-derived aggregate as part of the project. As a result, approximately 548,200 tires were recycled and utilized to reduce noise in areas along the project corridor where noise impacts were identified and could be reduced through this effort.

Pomona to Montclair Funding: The final 3.2-mile, two-station project segment from Pomona to Montclair (including the Claremont and Montclair stations) is not yet fully funded; but as of late-December 2023, LA County requested full funding for the portion of the project in Los Angeles County through CalSTA’s SB125 program. An announcement about the funding award is expected by the end of April 2024. San Bernardino County is responsible for funding the project costs in San Bernardino County. To date, SB County has set aside funding from several local and state funding sources and plans to utilize the $40 million dedicated to the project in SB County from the 2018 CalSTA TIRCP grant award.