Staff Positions and Salary Ranges

The Construction Authority has a limited number of permanent employees which the agency augments with consultants. Below is a list of Board approved staff positions and salary ranges:

Position Annual Salary Range
(in 000s)
Receptionist $35 $56
Administrative Assistant $57 $97
Accountant $75 $132
Grants Administrator $75 $132
Media Relations $75 $132
Community Relations Manager $102 $178
Administrative Services Director/Clerk of the Board $138 $241
Chief Communications Officer $186 $325
Chief Financial Officer $186 $325
Chief Contracting Officer & In-House Counsel $186 $325
Chief Project & Planning Officer $186 $325
Chief Executive Officer $253 $406

In accordance with policies, each staff position and salary range is approved by the Board of Directors.  Salary ranges are adjusted annually with a cost of living adjustment approved by the Board.  However, adjustment in ranges DO NOT constitute an increase to staff salaries.  Salary increases are merit-based and must be included in the annual Board-approved budget.

Effective:  September 27, 2017