ANNOUNCEMENT: Foothill Gold Line Receives $300 Million from SB1

Funding Status

The 12.3-mile, six-station Foothill Gold Line light rail extension from Glendora to Montclair is budgeted to cost just under $2.1 billion. As of August 2019, the Construction Authority has committed funding of just over $1.6 billion; leaving a current funding shortfall to complete the full project to Montclair of approximately $450 million. Based on the current funding available, the Construction Authority is fully funded and currently under construction for the first four-station, 9.1-mile segment from Glendora to Pomona. The segment from Pomona to Montclair, including the Claremont and Montclair stations, is currently not funded.

Project funding is coming from both Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, as well as the State of California. The majority of the funds needed for the Los Angeles County portion of the project (Glendora to Claremont) is being funded by the Los Angeles County Measure M half-cent sales tax (approved by LA County voters in November 2016), along with nearly $100 million of residual funds from the Measure R half-cent sales tax not used to complete the Pasadena to Azusa segment. The project was awarded a nearly $300 million grant from SB1, through the State of California’s Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program in 2018; these funds will be used in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. The Construction Authority is working with the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority to finalize appropriation of funds to extend the line to Montclair (in San Bernardino County).

The Construction Authority is currently seeking the additional funding needed to fill the gap and complete the project to Claremont and Montclair.