The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority (Foothill Gold Line) is governed by a nine-member board of directors. Five members are voting members, while four are non-voting. Each member is appointed by a city or other government entity, as directed in the legislation that created the agency, SB1847. Click here for meeting schedules, agendas and location details.

In addition, cities from South Pasadena to Ontario are represented on two advisory boards to the Construction Authority – the Joint Powers Authority (comprised of elected official representatives appointed by each city) and Technical Advisory Committee (comprised of city managers or their staff appointees).

Board Member Compensation

Per the Construction Authority’s Administrative Code, “Each Board Member shall be compensated at the rate of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) for any day attending to the business of the Authority, but not to exceed six hundred dollars ($600) in any month.”

Doug Tessitor Chair
Doug Tessitor

Appointee of City of Pasadena

Mr. Tessitor currently serves as the Appointee from the City of Pasadena
Sam Pedroza Vice Chair
Sam Pedroza

Appointee of SGVCOG - San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

Mr. Pedroza currently serves as the Mayor in the City of Claremont
Marisol Rodriguez Member
Marisol Rodriguez

Alternate Appointee of City of Los Angeles

Ms. Rodriguez currently serves as District Director for City of Los Angeles Councilman Mitch O'Farrell
Paul S. Leon Member
Paul S. Leon

Appointee of City of South Pasadena

Mr. Leon currently serves as Mayor in the City of Ontario
John Fasana Member
John Fasana

Appointee of Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority

Mr. Fasana currently serves as Council Member in the City of Duarte
Gene Masuda Member, Non-Voting
Gene Masuda

Appointee, City of Pasadena

Mr. Masuda currently serves as Vice Mayor in the City of Pasadena
Carrie Bowen Member, Non-Voting
Carrie Bowen

Gubernatorial Appointee

Ms. Bowen currently serves as Director of the California Department of Transportation District 7
Daniel M. Evans Member, Non-Voting
Daniel M. Evans

Appointee, City of South Pasadena

Mr. Evans is an attorney and professor of international business and marketing
Alan D. Wapner Member, Non-Voting
Alan D. Wapner

Appointee, SANBAG

Mr. Wapner currently serves as a Council Member in the City of Ontario

For questions about the Construction Authority Board of Directors and meetings, contact the Clerk of the Board,Chris Lowe, 626-305-7002.

Joint Powers Authority

Technical Advisory Committee