27 days 3 hours to Passenger Service
Get ready Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte,
Irwindale & Azusa, service starts 3/5/16!

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Station Architectual Renderings

Conceptual renderings, subject to change.

Arcadia Station Rendering Monrovia Station Rendering 1 Monrovia Station Rendering 2  


Duarte Station Rendering 1 Irwindale Station Rendering 1 Irwindale Station Rendering 2 Azusa-Alameda Station Rendering 1


Azusa-Alameda Station Rendering 2 Azusa-Citrus Station Rendering 1 Azusa-Citrus Station Rendering 2


Station Site Plans

Conceptual drawings, subject to change.

Arcadia Station Site Map Monrovia Station Site Map Duarte Station Site Map Irwindale Station Site Map


Azusa-Alameda Station Site Map Azusa-Citrus Station Site Map


I-210 Gold Line Bridge


Iconic Freeway Structure Architectual Rendering