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Welcome to Glendora
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Welcome to Glendora

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Glendora Station

The future Glendora station is part of the Foothill Gold Line from Azusa to Montclair, currently in the advanced conceptual engineering phase. The station is planned just south of the city’s historic downtown, at Vermont Avenue. The plan is for the platform to be a center platform, with tracks on either side. Entrance to the platform will be from both the east and west ends. A 400-space parking facility will be provided near the station. Accommodations for bus, bike and pedestrian amenities will also be provided.

The Glendora station location was approved through the environmental review process, which was completed and certified in March 2013 (click to view Final EIR). The current engineering phase will result in us knowing more details about the design for the future station and parking. Learn more about the current phase for this and other Foothill Gold Line from Azusa to Montclair stations - click here.

About the Artist

Michael Hillman is an accomplished local artist with an extensive resume of public art projects completed in California. In, 2004, Michael received a grant for the Visiting Artist Program at Citrus College. The artist and his students designed and created a bench and two hand-made tile wall murals. Some of his other work includes work for the City of Pomona to create a large-scale diorama for the Los Angeles Fair, which won an award.

Michael received a Masters of Art & Ceramics degree from Cal State Long Beach. His experience includes teaching as a Professor of Art at Citrus Community College since 1997. He previously served as a Professor of Art at Azusa Pacific University and was an art consultant for the J. Paul Getty Museum in 1994.

During 2006-7, the Construction Authority worked with the City of Glendora (along with all other Foothill Gold Line cities from Pasadena to Montclair) to explore their visions for integrating transit oriented developments (TOD) near the future stations. At that time, the city was laying the groundwork for TOD near the future station by updating the city’s General Plan and Route 66 Specific Plan, and identifying opportunity sites for mixed-use development.

With the recent economic downturn, many development plans from 2006-7 have slowed or been put on hold. The Construction Authority and city began a new dialogue through another TOD study in 2010, which revisited the earlier concepts.

Click here to learn more about the 2006 and 2010 TOD Studies.

About Glendora

Glendora is nestled at the base of the scenic San Gabriel Mountains, in the eastern portion of Los Angeles County. Located approximately 27 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Glendora offers convenient access to major commercial, cultural, educational and recreational areas in Southern California. Founded in 1887, Glendora was officially incorporated as a City in 1911. The City remained a small citrus-producing community until the late 1950s, when agriculture gave way to large scale residential development.

Today, over 50,000 residents enjoy Glendora's highly rated public and private schools, lush parks, comprehensive community services and one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. From tree lined neighborhood streets and quaint downtown Village shops to the modern architecture of the Financial Way business center, Glendora is a haven from the fast pace of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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